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6 random streets from the Falkirk Council area:

Tommy Palmer of Maddiston was a member of the Special Air Service (SAS) and was involved in the Iranian Embassy Siege 1981.  He received The Queen's Gallantry Medal and also served in The Falklands War 1982.  He died in a road Traffic accident in Northern Ireland in 1983.

Local street names themed on wildflowers.

A gentleman called Harry Dhillon, who moved to Falkirk from India ran a successful business and supported many local charities.

Local street names themed on wildflowers.

A Mercat Cross is the traditional sign of a community’s right to hold markets.  Airth has two – the so called ‘heidless cross’ in High Airth  and the second in the village below.  

The site on Arnothill is the wooded garden ground associated with the former Carmelite Monastery.  It closed in 2014.